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About us

After 25 years working for various companies within in the HVAC and construction fields I formed J Godfrey Construction. I set out to build a team of seasoned tradesmen that posessed all the skills necessary to complete even the most complicated projects. The team we built consists of some of the best in the business. The total number of years this team has been building and renovating buildings in this region reaches into the triple digits. Whether we are updating a kitchen or having to gut a home to the studs our team has the skills to get the job done. The guys have seen almost everything. Our customers are amazed at how hard the crew works.  Our goal is to provide you with results that exceed your expecations faster than you were expecting and on budget.  I am the guy that will estimate and manage every project.  Sometimes when the job is underway my best skill is staying out of Fred and Tom's way. Here is a little bit about the team that makes it happen:


Right out of high school Fred picked up a hammer and began learning to frame.  He framed everything from small remodel projects to large commercial buildings. After two years, the Army called and Fred went and served his country for two years.  Upon returning he picked his hammer back up and spent the next 45 years helping to build and remodel various homes and businesses throughout the central and western NY region. He was once asked, "If you brought all your projects together how many would you say there would be?" he replied "It would be a large town".  Needless to say, in 45 years, he has learned to do most everything to make your home the beautiful oasis you desire.  When we get into a challenging framing, window, door, siding, and drywall project, Fred is our goto guy.  We have not encountered a project yet that we have not been able to complete and make look specatular.


Tom is one of those guys that can build or repair anything and probably has... at least twice. He has spent the last 40 years in the commercial and residential construction field. Tom is able to take a job from the idea stage, draw the plans and bring the idea to life. In addition to posessing general construction skills Tom brings plumbing and electrical expertise to our team.